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Create FoCol applications that add functionality and interest to the work environment. Download Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD 2D, or AutoCAD 3D files to design FoCol configurations for your floorplate.

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Design notes for custom configurations: When designing a custom FoCol configuration, contact a MIRAN representative for calculations based on your specific application. Email Sales@MiranSpaces.com or call a MIRAN representative at +1.833.580.2427.

Any FoCol custom configuration must have a minimum of two arc sections.

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Arc A30

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Arc A90

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FoCol complements a range of work environments and aesthetics and accents open floorplans with configurations for both focused work and collaboration.

FoCol Materials & Finishes

MIRAN strives to make less of an impact on the natural environment and more of one on the design of the work environment. The wood, felt, and resin surfaces that create FoCol each have their own sustainability story, but they’re also beautiful materials with palettes that are both bold and neutral. Stain finish colors offer options for cool or warm décors.