Make room.

From sketchbook to whiteboard, from thinking to presenting, from me to we. FoCol. For all the ways people work.

The FoCol system creates work spaces for individuals, pairs, or groups; delineates and defines space; and introduces a comfortable aesthetic that complements open-plan systems and freestanding furniture.


Explore FoCol and the ways it makes room.

Five configurations and custom applications make spaces that help people move through their day and work activities without missing a beat.

Long-term value

FoCol’s modular components can be reconfigured and resized as workplace needs change by rearranging existing pieces or ordering additional wall sections or new felt colors.

Thoughtfully considered

Among MIRAN’s corporate values is environmental responsibility. FoCol material choices reflect that value with components that are renewable, recycled, and recyclable, and beautiful. 


FoCol is designed for easy installation and reconfiguration. One tool and two people is all you need.