The MIRAN Story

In forming MIRAN, our team spent considerable time talking about our purpose, what we wanted our business to stand for, and what was important to us not only as MIRAN employees but as individuals with a passion for enhancing the work environment so that the people there can do their best work. 

This is MIRAN.

MIRAN designs products for the whole person.

People don’t leave their hearts behind when they walk into the office. MIRAN balances the intellectual and emotional experiences of people using our products. We want to help people to be productive when working and feel comfortable doing it.

MIRAN designs products with respect for our world and its natural resources.

We’re a Midwest-based company and there is something in those roots that creates an ethos of responsibility and respect for others and the natural environment. We give back to our customers by making products with the highest quality and level of craftsmanship. We actively seek out materials that are sustainable, and we always evaluate our processes to reduce our impact on the environment.

MIRAN contributes to improving the work environment by designing products that help people do their best work.

Our curious nature keeps us asking ‘What if?’ We exist to solve problems, so we’re always learning, observing, and thinking about how to make the work experience better for people.

Meet Miran

We’re a team of engineers, industrial and graphic designers, marketing and ethnographic professionals, woodworkers, environmental designers, and much more. Here is a little bit about us and what we bring to MIRAN.