Group Think

Intended for three to five people meeting for shorter durations, the Huddle configuration surrounds its occupants, giving them visual privacy and shared group space to check in, give status updates, or brainstorm on a new project. Huddle also serves as a landmark on the periphery of a team or department area. Huddle could be outfitted with a café table and stools or other combinations of surface and seating products. Hang a FoCol whiteboard, corkboard, or shelf on the wall.

Get Focused

Sometimes a surface for a laptop or cup of coffee and phone is all a person needs to focus and get some work done. FoCol tools for individual work include a side table, upholstered bench, and desk.

Show and Tell

Brainstorm, doodle, refine, present. Support visual thinking and information sharing with whiteboards and corkboard. These collaboration tools attach easily and can be moved anywhere within a FoCol configuration.


Explore FoCol and the ways it makes room.

Five configurations and custom applications make spaces that help people move through their day and work activities without missing a beat.